Luke Mislinski | About
The highest purpose of an artistic medium is to convey a message. I strive to use my media to relay your story with its raw human essence intact.

My goal is to combine my diverse background in photography, audio, and video with almost a decade of sales and marketing experience to provide unique media content offerings. I keep a low overhead and pass along the highest value to my customers.

Every project is unique. The global market is rapidly changing. My approach is to work closely with you at all stages of project development and execution to make sure your photography, video, and marketing content is a custom fit for your diverse needs.


Because I offer a wide range of personalized services, please contact me for rates.

I also have an ongoing documentary film project that profiles people from Nepal striving to build better lives for themselves, their children, and their communities by developing their own sustainable tourism businesses. Please contact me for inquiries about available sponsorships and collaboration opportunities on this project. Learn more here.